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The Importance of Transmission Repair

The Importance of Transmission Repair

Aventura MallIn the community, it is essential and common with people seeking transmission repair either for their cars or automobile machines. This is common in the community, especially when living or driving machines without any knowledge of such challenges. So I am going to give you a scenario that explains the importance of driving and checking your car regularly to avoid such as problems. Of course, it is a situation which I found myself and one my siblings. Since then I have been able to check and learn about car problems and the importance of transmission repair. My Name is Ari, and I really like having fun. One day, I was invited by my neighborhood friends for a luncheon and my third born sibling, Rebecca the favorite one, wanted to tag along. Being in a new community in Florida and driving my mother’s old Buick, was refreshing as reading my favorite poet’s poem.

Social LifeAlthough I love the literature, wanting to have a social life outside my house and family fascinates me, and I thought today might be the best day to at least make friends in this neighborhood. Sometimes we many have technology, diverse resources and manuals on how to be careful with machines and what to do before driving and venturing out. But due to the anxiety and lack of knowledge, I decided to go out with Rebecca and meet some friends on the luncheon get-together. I picked my bag and a sweater same for Rebeca and off we were. Driving along with my sister and this charming but irritating neighbors Eric and Winter, we decided to speed things up. We arrived at the gathering but the Buick was already heating up and the summer afternoons in Florida were really hot. Winter was already talking about checking the vehicle and servicing it regularly since you won’t know when it could break down.

Since I wanted to make friends, we decided to race back home, with the winner becoming the new face in the community. Although dangerous and risky, Winter and Rebecca we all excited for the ride back home. But things did not go to plan and as expected. The Buick broke down, and there was no power in transmission. I had to call my dad to pick us up, and I was ashamed to face my sister and friends.

Why Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Transmission Repair ServiceThere is need of repairs and checking your car regularly, this could be important in protecting yourself against accidents and incurring losses. The incident taught me to learn more about cars and the necessity of taking cars into garages and services checkups after every two weeks. My mother also got into an incident whereby she was late to attend church, and she was also driving her colleagues to church. They missed the service since their car broke down due to lack of transmission repairs. This is important for all people in the community, to learn, understand and mitigate this challenge for once and for all.

Jet AutoDifferent people in or society always tend to undermine the necessary of serving cars. I will try as hard as I can to educate and inform them on the necessary services and importance of responding to the cries on servicing cars. Taking for granted this small matter is what resulted in me losing face, but due to the closer attention into the transmission repair, I always take the Buick and my mother’s car to the Jet Transmission Repair in our neighborhood. I also met Winter, who is one of my best friends in the hood in the repairs. She is always positive about the need to understand your car and develop it into a machine that one could ride safely.

Transmission repair is the fast safety into your life and protection of your automobile. It is important to take a deeper consideration of the modern need and necessity of serving cars and especially its transmission for power, brakes, and gears. These are the important parts, which are crucial to the safety of a driver and their passengers. The need for a transmission repair means you are taking the matter seriously about the way you drive and the overall quality of your car. Personally, I appreciate meeting Winter, and I give regards to her ability to treat automobiles with dignity and safety.

Fixing My Transmission

Fixing My Transmission, What A Pain!

Aventura Brakes & Auto CenterI was driving from the office after a long day’s work in my Chevy Cruze. I experienced a very bad transmission leak on the highway and had to Google for “a mechanic near me” and the nearest place was Aventura Brakes & Auto Center that is on 20400 W Dixie HWY in Miami. I was panicking at this point due to the leakage on the transmission. I immediately rushed to the auto center and met a group of friendly mechanics .They pulled my car in and removed the transmission and a new seal was in hand in an hour’s time. The mechanics had inspected the transmission and discovered that the torque converter was damaged and needed a replacement.

Aventura Brakes & Auto CenterThe team at Aventura Brakes & Auto Center was very friendly and the mechanic handling my car took me through the process, and it was also a chance for me to learn. I discovered that it’s normal for the transmission to fail. The transmission can just be worn out or have problems like hard internal seals. It came to my knowledge that gear sets that operate the clutches and bands may undergo friction and may become hard and brittle making it hard to contain the hydraulic pressure, which will cause the clutches and bands to develop delayed or make it stop. I would have changed the seal in such a case to fix the problem.

I was impressed by the response to the problem with my car. It was rather late, and the Aventura Brakes and Auto Center manager organized for me to have a taxi take me home since I had to leave the car for further repairs. I left my car, and the manager promised to have it ready the next day. I arrived at the auto center very early to check on the progress and to understand how I would avoid or rather maintain my car to keep it in a better shape.

Automatic TransmissionThe manager and his team were already working on my car by the time I got there, and I was impressed with the dedication. The auto center manager was kind enough to take me through the process, and I learned that the ATF is a special fluid in the automatic transmission that cools and lubricates the parts that are in motion. But the fluid does more than that: Actually, it’s no overstatement to say that the fluid drives the vehicle. Apparently the fluid is incredibly important to the transmission’s operation, hence the need to have the transmission fluid level and condition regularly checked and serviced in a few years.

How can I increase the transmission life?

  1. The mechanic advised that I should always take it easy on the gas, since a lot of acceleration cause a lot of friction and hence heat on the transmission.
  2. He also insisted on reducing the load on the clutches by getting to understand when the transmission takes place in the shifts , for you to back off the gas before any shift.
  3. The mechanic directed that the cooling system need to be in the best shape since the vehicle’s radiator also helps in cooling the transmission and in I can also add a transmission cooler.
  4. Basic check is better when it comes to your vehicle, I decided to keep checking and ensure that my vehicle is often serviced. Taking good care for your car will mean that some potential harm will be avoided, thus it will be much simpler to fix on you own rather than seek for professional assistance.

I was very impressed by the services offered at Aventura Brakes & Auto Center,the manager and his team took their time on my car and I was ready to take my car home by noon. The team consisted of people with a professional attitude ensuring that I got clarification on anything that I had doubts. They were fast at identifying the problem with my car hence making the whole process smooth and speedy. Their prices were affordable considering that it was an emergency, and I had not budgeted. The auto center also offers other services like checking the engine performance, changing the oil, repairing the brakes, and repairing AC. They provide various services on one roof, and I would recommend that you have your car checked.