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Pool & Hot Tub Issues

Pool & Hot Tub Issues

Aventura FloridaNot so long ago we moved into a fabulous new home in Aventura, South Florida. Although I’m 25, I still live with my close-knit family – and enjoy it too but that’s a story for another post. Anyway, the home came with a swimming pool and hot, tub. Just before I go further, here’s something we learned upon moving into this new home and thought to let you in on it. Home inspectors will not inspect your swimming pool and/or hot tub! If you are house-hunting for a property that already has a swimming pool and/or hot tub, make certain you know if there are any problems before you settle on closing the deal. Just so you know.

Flow Error

Pool RepairAfter a few months of getting comfortable in our beautiful place of abode, we began noticing that the tub was not heating, and the temperature was way below the desired range. Furthermore, we could hear a whining sound when it was running. We embarked on a search for a good pool repair service that’s when Lady Luck smiled on us and presented Eco Water Solutions. They gave us free estimates for every service job we inquired about and were flexible enough to accommodate our budget.

Initially, we had no idea that we were getting a low flow error. This was conveyed to us after they examined the tub carefully. It turned out that our low flow error was being caused by both dirty filters and bad flow sensors. Along with that, we had a bad motor issue going on.

Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub RepairFortunately, this was a full-service repair company, and so the work began. The experienced technicians not only knew what the problem was but were knowledgeable in fixing it. Out came the muck and grime that clogged the filters. In a little while the clamor we had earlier heard from the motor had become quieter, down to almost like the gentle purr of a sleeping cat. In next to no time the hot tub was running like new!

Pool Problem

Did I mention about the same time, we were getting a little frustrated with our pool? Well, we had several problems: Stain agitation, clogged filters (here too!) and foaming. Given that it was our first time to own a pool, we were oblivious of what brought about these problems. All we knew was a strange brown stain had formed on the pool’s walls and floor; unsightly debris was collecting in the pool and it was foaming (we decided is was frothing).

Pool Repair

The good technicians explained the stain agitation could be either organic or the effect of elevated mineral levels and proceeded to work on the pH. Gladly, the filter was working – it was preventing waste from traveling down to who knows where. Cleaning out it seemed effortless to them. The frothing frustration was caused by the cheap algaecide that we had been using. (Hey, in this economy, someone was trying to be frugal here). Pool Repair ServiceWord of counsel: Purchase algaecide only from a pool dealer of good reputation who can vouch for it. Anyway, they promptly solved the problem with some anti-foam agent.

With the affordable and competitive rates they offered, my family all agreed that there was no good reason for not taking advantage of their lighting service. Accordingly, we had new lights installed in our pool. Due to this new lighting upgrade, that gives such unbelievable results, we’re no longer embarrassed to have company over. If truth be told, as a consequence of all the repairs which make the pool and hot tub look like new, our residence has lately become the “official” hang-out spot for our friends and relatives.


The technicians who came out to handle the repairs were very professional and fast too. Aside from doing a splendid job of fixing what needed to be fixed, they offered excellent tips on routine maintenance of both the pool and hot tub. Neighbors tell us that we’re fortunate that we didn’t have to go from one pool repair company to the next to get to those who know what they are doing. Thank you, Eco Water Solutions for repairing our pool and hot tub. We are so happy with the outcome.