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Faced with My Own Mortality

Faced With My Own Mortality

HospitalizedHi everyone! It feels so good connecting with you once again! Maybe now I have a better reason to celebrate life and being able to do the things I love, including writing this blog post. See, if you had noticed, I had gone a quiet for a while. In that time I realized I’m not an Amazon. You wouldn’t have guessed, huh? I went quiet because I had been taken ill. There goes my belief that I was superhuman. In that time when I was under the weather I was hospitalized for some time. That time in the hospital made me never take life for granted.

You see I have never had quite the epiphany I did as when I was faced with my mortality. It was the realization that the simple things I love should be enjoyed to their maximum when the time is there to do so. Which reminds me; I’m going to make sure I go out dancing now as soon as I can. Time to get social! Being in the hospital reminded me to appreciate my family more. It brought the things that I truly treasure to the fore of my attention. My precious books, and my tasteful music, the television shows that I treasure and the movies that I have been wanting to watch became all the more alive to me. I can tell you I’m going to be doing a whole load of things differently.

Free BirdBut more to it I learned to treasure my freedom. Being cooped up in hospital and not being able to move freely really got to me. I guess you can tell I’m a free bird. I love being able to come and go as I please. Now it feels this free bird just became a jail bird. Well, it kind of felt like I was imprisoned for the time I was there. Isn’t that what prison essentially is? A place where you do not have the freedom of movement or of what to watch, eat, and times you can wake or sleep. Your schedule is arranged for you from A-Z with too little a leeway in between. But something happened in hospital that gave me some hope and strength through the whole ordeal. I got some power over my situation. And I even came out a better and stronger person because of that.

I found this power in Journey. It was strange I can tell you. I didn’t expect anything too positive to come out of my being hospitalized. But something good did come out of all this. The hospital staff approached me when I could engage a little. They told me there was something they could do to make my stay better and more comfortable. I was like, “Bring it on!” Okay. Maybe not with so much enthusiasm at the time. They told me they could send me information to my smart phone or tablet that was specific to what I wanted. I actually thought it was all the meds acting up on me. But no! I’d heard right. Somehow they had a system called Journey that worked to help them send information tailor-made for every patient who was in that system.

Journey Patient EducationI actually took time to absorb that. But they told me to try it out and if I enjoyed it they could keep sending me information. And get this, even to my email! It was simple. I had a choice of getting the information whenever I needed it in whatever form. This program is a patient education tool from MDM Commercial I was later to learn. It was wonderful in the way it worked. It was an on demand tool I could access whenever I felt I needed information specific to the condition I was going through. It helped me in many ways understand every stage of recovery I was going through. Not only did it do this, but it also taught me how to take better care of myself. You see, this program could actually be set to deliver information specific to the patient it was targeting. How cool is that!

Pillow SpeakerSo I got to learn a lot about how I was feeling and how best to cope with it. And get this. Remember how I love to watch television and movies? Now this information was packaged in videos! Seriously. This was just too cool! It made me realize you could even use it to educate your parents when it was hard explaining to them what you are going through. But this system gave me more. It gave me time to listen to relaxing and motivating content which I could get changed by talking to the staff over the pillow speaker. That is not the end of the good news though. Being released from hospital didn’t get me to stop enjoying this content. I actually took it home with me! It’s delivered on my phone, remember? Yeah! So I have been guzzling this unlimited supply of information since then and since it is so cheap, it is affordable. Somehow I realized every cloud has a silver lining. I found my silver lining in Journey.