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My Dad's Experience with Social Agency

My Dad’s Experience With Social Agency

Dad's Landscaping BusinessMy dad had always been enthusiastic about starting his own landscaping business. It started off as a joke and one day come with the license and permit confirming that he had fully registered the company. He later opened a small office in the neighborhood and started off. Dad had a little knowledge of the landscaping business, and he was ready to start with the little capital, he had saved. He was very committed to making his business prosper that he joined classes to get training on care and maintenance of different plants and business management. He has been in the business for close to a year, and the returns have been good, he was mainly servicing the people around and with time he got referrals but how else can one get a bigger clientele than through online advertising?

The Social Agency TeamMy dad has been a bit skeptical on how to advertise because word of mouth recommendations are the best, but it was stressful for my dad because he had a rather small customer base. He realized that technology had become the norm and hence the need to adjust. He realized that we are in a digital era, and the internet plays a big role in day to day life. Not having an online presence was eventually going to affect the business, getting the right agency wasn’t an easy task for him, but he later settled for Social Agency marketing firm after research and referrals.

My dad has been very excited about the new experience. He loves The team of professionals that are well conversant the search engine optimization. The incredible team has been able to give him good concepts, and they are very cost effective. He has been able to appreciate that search engine is the way to go; The agency has been able to come up with a website and has positioned it to pop when the landscape services are searched. They have also taken their time to teach him and help him understand how the search engine optimization works.

SEO Factors
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He was able to invite me to one of his meetings and his account executive took us through the secrets to an amazing Search engine optimization. He emphasized the importance of the following things if his SEO in Miami was to get the expected results:

  • They stressed the importance of having relevant content that’s up to date so that the customers are informed fully anytime they click on the website.
  • They also mentioned the need to have a showcase coverage; he encouraged my dad to have a blog on the site for updated content.
  • Text styling was also cited as an important factor because every website owner needs the customer to read the information; he advised my dad to have bullets, italicized and bold words.
  • They mentioned the importance of images and the importance of tagging the included pictures.
  • My dad was challenged to come up with keywords that can result in more conversions by using tools such as the Google Analytics.
  • The importance of key phrases and hyperlinks on the site were also emphasized in the meeting. The keyword ratio is advised to be at 3% my dad was eventually notified to conduct frequent analysis using Google Analytics or any other search engine.

Finding a WebsiteThe SEO has been very resourceful to my father’s landscape business. He is euphoric with the website that was created by the team. His account executive took him through a stream of recurring revenue for his business and how to increase sales due to the stretched market base. Dad has been able to realize that the most important things when growing the landscape business are both branding and advertising. He learned that poor quality marketing materials and less informative websites can erode the customers trust even before the sale.

Dad is happy with his decision to join Social agency and more and more clients have confirmed how they quickly found the website. The group of professionals has proved to be reliable and easy to work with on the project. The team has been very patient with my dad taking him through every step, and he is now able to see the fruits. The clientele has grown immensely, and that’s a good sign for his business. SEO is the way to go if you are thinking of online marketing.