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Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems for my Mother’s Office

Commercial Intercom SystemsMy mother has been having an idea of improving security and communication in her office for quite some time now, but she has never figured how to do it. The most appealing idea was to have intercom systems installed because that is what is trending most in the world of modern technological advancement. Later on, she opted to have intercom systems installed in her office but with no idea which company could do it best, bearing in mind there are numerous companies offering intercom systems installation in the region.

SAFE Inc. appeared to be the most suitable, but she knew very little about it. I remember one evening my dad asked my mum why she felt SAFE Inc was the most appropriate. Do you know what she answered? “It is because… well, I have no idea.” We all laughed that evening. My dad was silent for some minutes, and he advised my mum to do some research about SAFE Inc. before making her mind. I knew my mother had no time to research about SAFE Inc. intercom systems and I offered to do it on her behalf. I could see her face turn bright, and she nodded back to agree. I guess she was saying “That is my Girl.”

To those not familiar with Security and Fire Electronics (SAFE) Inc., this is a popular company that provides security and fire alarm solutions in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando, and St. Augustine, Florida. I started my research by calling their office to book for an appointment, and they invited me to visit them any working day. I was eager to know more about their intercom systems, and I decided to pay them a visit the following day.

Residential Intercom SystemsThat day I woke up earlier that my usual time and by 9.00 am I was at their offices ready to start my research. SAFE Inc is committed to provide security and communication solutions. I could tell that the company valued security from the screening process that I went through before reaching the reception area. The receptionist received me well and after explaining my concerns, a man was called from another office, who I later realized was a specialist in intercoms systems, to attend to my queries. He asked me to follow him to their showroom next to the office.

I started my study with an orientation on what the company do, their services and products. I learned that SAFE Inc. offers a wide range of intercom systems ranging from standard designs to complex video systems. The most interesting part is the fact that the company had a team of qualified professional who develop custom designed systems to meet the needs of different customers. The attendant showed me a wide variety of devices that they offer to enhance security and smooth commutation within properties and I was in love with every device that I came across. To me, most of the devices in their showroom could make a great difference in my mother’s office.

Office IntercomI learned many things about intercom systems, especially when enhancing security and convenient customer services at workplaces. For instance, with intercom systems, you can monitor people entering your door and even speak with them before they enter. With video intercom systems you can even see who is about to come into your office and even grant them admission. I also noticed that SAFE, Inc. offer their clients both pre and post sales services such as guidance when choosing intercom systems, free delivery, installation, repair and servicing, and training on how to use different devices among others. All that you need is to contact them so that they can come and evaluate your premises and advise you on the way forward.

I spend about three hours at SAFE Inc., and the attendant was patient enough to respond to all my questions. I took quick notes during our conversations and by the end of my research, I had no doubt that the company had everything that my mother wanted for her office. I was given several brochures and booklets for more details which I took to my mother. Well, I may not be a professional in matters related to intercom systems but after my experience with SAFE Inc. I felt like an expert when presenting the findings of my research to my mum. My experience with SAFE Inc. was enjoyable, informing and worth the time spent. I have no complaints at all!