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Visiting my Aunt in Eau Claire

Visiting My Aunt in Eau Claire

Eau Claire LogoHey everyone! It is always a joy to share my experiences with you. I come from a very close-knit family. Living at home and being raised up to put family first, I have always tried to be the best example to my siblings. But being the pack leader is not always easy, I can tell you. You are forced to be at your best behavior at all times and your parents will always expect you to show your siblings the way. Well, somehow at 25, I can say I have managed to get through the tough hurdles of being the pack leader.

One thing I enjoy though outside of my reading, movies, television and oh so cherished jazz, is travel. Just getting away for a few days is always so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and all and enjoy family dinners every Friday night. But break it up with a little travel here and there and you make me a very happy girl! And this is how my visit to my Aunt in Eau Claire made me. Very happy!

Tradition has a way of keeping us mostly together. Since being close-knit as a family is an important part of Syrian tradition, it thankfully gave me the ticket to go and visit my aunt in Wisconsin. (Talk about a long awaited break!) My Aunt is really awesome at getting to know people. She’s always been keen to know what I enjoy and love. Talk of an awesome aunt! So some of the activities we did included just soaking in the country air on nature walks and hitting the trails for a few hikes. Okay, the hikes not so much. You see my aunt is not exactly as energetic as I am so I had to be kind to her and not push her too far. But she did her best to take me to places that I really enjoyed. Now apart from my love for nature I have a big place in my heart for agriculture.

My Favorite FlowersThere’s just something about the smell of fresh earth between your fingers, the smell of rain as it hits the ground and you know it is giving life to the seeds beneath. I love knowing I can be part of giving life to something, even if not a child, not yet anyway. The beauty that is in agriculture is in seeing life sprout forth and knowing you had a part to play in that. It’s in seeing fruits sprouting forth and knowing you had a part to play in bringing all that delicious goodness forth. It’s in the flowers budding and spreading the fragrance that gives such pleasure, at times I can’t explain the joy I find in it.

My aunt knows this about me. Knowing that, she took me to a wonderful place that just made my heart mellow, the Green Thumb Landscaping’s Garden Center. Getting to this wonderful place I couldn’t quite make up my mind if I was going to just ask to move into the garden center or carry it all away. Yeah, call me a little crazy (okay, maybe a lot crazy) about gardening. I know it’s a little strange for someone my age in this generation but I do have a total love for all things nature.

Green Thumb's Eau Claire Garden CenterOur visit to the center was so educative. It helped me understand how to create an attractive curb appeal with just the right kind of flowers. I learned what it takes to keep my lawn looking all fine and dandy by maintaining it right. What? Let a girl dream. One day (hopefully soon) I will have my own lawn and curb to take care of. I learned which plants I could have that would last the winter and also got to learn about different trees, shrubs, vines. And oh yes! Even got to learn about some interesting herbs and vegetables and how to plant and take care of them! That was a really exciting experience for me. And get this. We even got to buy some eggplant and tomato seeds which we planted indoors! My aunt promised to transplant them outside once the weather was clear.

I actually hope to go back to my aunt’s place soon just to see how the garden center venture took her and how far she’s come.