My Dad's Experience with Social Agency

My Dad’s Experience With Social Agency

Dad's Landscaping BusinessMy dad had always been enthusiastic about starting his own landscaping business. It started off as a joke and one day come with the license and permit confirming that he had fully registered the company. He later opened a small office in the neighborhood and started off. Dad had a little knowledge of the landscaping business, and he was ready to start with the little capital, he had saved. He was very committed to making his business prosper that he joined classes to get training on care and maintenance of different plants and business management. He has been in the business for close to a year, and the returns have been good, he was mainly servicing the people around and with time he got referrals but how else can one get a bigger clientele than through online advertising?

The Social Agency TeamMy dad has been a bit skeptical on how to advertise because word of mouth recommendations are the best, but it was stressful for my dad because he had a rather small customer base. He realized that technology had become the norm and hence the need to adjust. He realized that we are in a digital era, and the internet plays a big role in day to day life. Not having an online presence was eventually going to affect the business, getting the right agency wasn’t an easy task for him, but he later settled for Social Agency marketing firm after research and referrals.

My dad has been very excited about the new experience. He loves The team of professionals that are well conversant the search engine optimization. The incredible team has been able to give him good concepts, and they are very cost effective. He has been able to appreciate that search engine is the way to go; The agency has been able to come up with a website and has positioned it to pop when the landscape services are searched. They have also taken their time to teach him and help him understand how the search engine optimization works.

SEO Factors
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He was able to invite me to one of his meetings and his account executive took us through the secrets to an amazing Search engine optimization. He emphasized the importance of the following things if his SEO in Miami was to get the expected results:

  • They stressed the importance of having relevant content that’s up to date so that the customers are informed fully anytime they click on the website.
  • They also mentioned the need to have a showcase coverage; he encouraged my dad to have a blog on the site for updated content.
  • Text styling was also cited as an important factor because every website owner needs the customer to read the information; he advised my dad to have bullets, italicized and bold words.
  • They mentioned the importance of images and the importance of tagging the included pictures.
  • My dad was challenged to come up with keywords that can result in more conversions by using tools such as the Google Analytics.
  • The importance of key phrases and hyperlinks on the site were also emphasized in the meeting. The keyword ratio is advised to be at 3% my dad was eventually notified to conduct frequent analysis using Google Analytics or any other search engine.

Finding a WebsiteThe SEO has been very resourceful to my father’s landscape business. He is euphoric with the website that was created by the team. His account executive took him through a stream of recurring revenue for his business and how to increase sales due to the stretched market base. Dad has been able to realize that the most important things when growing the landscape business are both branding and advertising. He learned that poor quality marketing materials and less informative websites can erode the customers trust even before the sale.

Dad is happy with his decision to join Social agency and more and more clients have confirmed how they quickly found the website. The group of professionals has proved to be reliable and easy to work with on the project. The team has been very patient with my dad taking him through every step, and he is now able to see the fruits. The clientele has grown immensely, and that’s a good sign for his business. SEO is the way to go if you are thinking of online marketing.

The Importance of Transmission Repair

The Importance of Transmission Repair

Aventura MallIn the community, it is essential and common with people seeking transmission repair either for their cars or automobile machines. This is common in the community, especially when living or driving machines without any knowledge of such challenges. So I am going to give you a scenario that explains the importance of driving and checking your car regularly to avoid such as problems. Of course, it is a situation which I found myself and one my siblings. Since then I have been able to check and learn about car problems and the importance of transmission repair. My Name is Ari, and I really like having fun. One day, I was invited by my neighborhood friends for a luncheon and my third born sibling, Rebecca the favorite one, wanted to tag along. Being in a new community in Florida and driving my mother’s old Buick, was refreshing as reading my favorite poet’s poem.

Social LifeAlthough I love the literature, wanting to have a social life outside my house and family fascinates me, and I thought today might be the best day to at least make friends in this neighborhood. Sometimes we many have technology, diverse resources and manuals on how to be careful with machines and what to do before driving and venturing out. But due to the anxiety and lack of knowledge, I decided to go out with Rebecca and meet some friends on the luncheon get-together. I picked my bag and a sweater same for Rebeca and off we were. Driving along with my sister and this charming but irritating neighbors Eric and Winter, we decided to speed things up. We arrived at the gathering but the Buick was already heating up and the summer afternoons in Florida were really hot. Winter was already talking about checking the vehicle and servicing it regularly since you won’t know when it could break down.

Since I wanted to make friends, we decided to race back home, with the winner becoming the new face in the community. Although dangerous and risky, Winter and Rebecca we all excited for the ride back home. But things did not go to plan and as expected. The Buick broke down, and there was no power in transmission. I had to call my dad to pick us up, and I was ashamed to face my sister and friends.

Why Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Transmission Repair ServiceThere is need of repairs and checking your car regularly, this could be important in protecting yourself against accidents and incurring losses. The incident taught me to learn more about cars and the necessity of taking cars into garages and services checkups after every two weeks. My mother also got into an incident whereby she was late to attend church, and she was also driving her colleagues to church. They missed the service since their car broke down due to lack of transmission repairs. This is important for all people in the community, to learn, understand and mitigate this challenge for once and for all.

Jet AutoDifferent people in or society always tend to undermine the necessary of serving cars. I will try as hard as I can to educate and inform them on the necessary services and importance of responding to the cries on servicing cars. Taking for granted this small matter is what resulted in me losing face, but due to the closer attention into the transmission repair, I always take the Buick and my mother’s car to the Jet Transmission Repair in our neighborhood. I also met Winter, who is one of my best friends in the hood in the repairs. She is always positive about the need to understand your car and develop it into a machine that one could ride safely.

Transmission repair is the fast safety into your life and protection of your automobile. It is important to take a deeper consideration of the modern need and necessity of serving cars and especially its transmission for power, brakes, and gears. These are the important parts, which are crucial to the safety of a driver and their passengers. The need for a transmission repair means you are taking the matter seriously about the way you drive and the overall quality of your car. Personally, I appreciate meeting Winter, and I give regards to her ability to treat automobiles with dignity and safety.

Printing Custom Stickers for My Website

Printing Custom Stickers for

Miami Printing CompaniesAs I’ve been having such an exciting time setting up, I thought it would be great to share my experience printing custom stickers for the website with all of you. I’ve been getting into the swing of things recently and my passion for the creating the best blog possible lead to me seeking out the best printing company in the South Florida area.

It didn’t take me long to stumble upon Printer Printing, a Miami-based company that has found a significant amount of success in the US and Canada. I guess I thought they’d be able to help me form some ideas for my stickers at the very least, but they ended up being the place where I was happy to go for the full printing process.

If you take a look at their online store which can be found at, you’ll see the incredible range of services they provide. I was pretty blown away as I sat at home scrolling through all of the options available to me. By this point I still wasn’t 100% set on the stickers idea, at least, I hadn’t got my hopes up that someone would be able to make them exactly how I wanted, and I was pleased to see so many different options for my blog. From brochures to postcards, Printer Printing offers some of the best and most accessible Miami printing services out there, with so many great options that I didn’t even know where to begin.

Printer Printing ServicesAfter browsing the site for much longer than I had anticipated, I finally had a look at their options for printing stickers which were, of course, the reason I had visited the site in the first place but something that had immediately slipped my mind. Anyway, I eventually got around to clicking the link, and I was instantly impressed with the simplicity of their advertising. With a price clearly labeled on their online prototype, Printer Printing gave me all of the information I needed in just a few simple words and numbers.

500 count, 2” by 3.5” on one-sided sticker paper stock; it couldn’t be more perfect I thought to myself. With their phone number sitting right in front of me on the webpage I reached immediately for my cell phone and dialed. There was me thinking that this process could take weeks to actually put into action and in under an hour I had explored all of the options, found the stickers I wanted, and I was now on the phone to a very friendly representative who simply requested the coupon code and had my order ready to be printed that day if I could get my designs over to them via email.

Sticker PrintingBy this point, I was grinning from ear to ear of course, and I quickly clicked on my pre-prepared images and ideas and sent them over as required. I was still taken away by how speedy everything had been up to this point. Just a couple of hours ago I was in bed wondering whether or not I should look into some Miami printing services today and now I was making my final decision. I thought I couldn’t be any happier in that moment, but I was even more excited when the stickers were ready for collection.

Printer Printing honestly made my day when they handed me the finished stickers. I cannot wait to show you guys how awesome they look, and I’m hoping of course that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. So, yes, that was my experience with the Miami printing services at Printer Printing, a place I highly recommend to anyone looking to do something similar and create printed products for their blog. I’m hoping to visit with them again soon if the stickers are a Miami Floridasuccess. I still can’t believe it’s all happened so quickly like this; I guess it shows how quickly an idea or dream can become a reality when you put your mind to it.

I’m super excited to share some pictures of the stickers with all of you and will hopefully get around to doing that sometime this week. If there’s anyone out there looking to do something similar then honestly don’t hesitate and if it involves any of the Miami printing services that Printer Printing provide then I couldn’t recommend them more.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems for my Mother’s Office

Commercial Intercom SystemsMy mother has been having an idea of improving security and communication in her office for quite some time now, but she has never figured how to do it. The most appealing idea was to have intercom systems installed because that is what is trending most in the world of modern technological advancement. Later on, she opted to have intercom systems installed in her office but with no idea which company could do it best, bearing in mind there are numerous companies offering intercom systems installation in the region.

SAFE Inc. appeared to be the most suitable, but she knew very little about it. I remember one evening my dad asked my mum why she felt SAFE Inc was the most appropriate. Do you know what she answered? “It is because… well, I have no idea.” We all laughed that evening. My dad was silent for some minutes, and he advised my mum to do some research about SAFE Inc. before making her mind. I knew my mother had no time to research about SAFE Inc. intercom systems and I offered to do it on her behalf. I could see her face turn bright, and she nodded back to agree. I guess she was saying “That is my Girl.”

To those not familiar with Security and Fire Electronics (SAFE) Inc., this is a popular company that provides security and fire alarm solutions in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando, and St. Augustine, Florida. I started my research by calling their office to book for an appointment, and they invited me to visit them any working day. I was eager to know more about their intercom systems, and I decided to pay them a visit the following day.

Residential Intercom SystemsThat day I woke up earlier that my usual time and by 9.00 am I was at their offices ready to start my research. SAFE Inc is committed to provide security and communication solutions. I could tell that the company valued security from the screening process that I went through before reaching the reception area. The receptionist received me well and after explaining my concerns, a man was called from another office, who I later realized was a specialist in intercoms systems, to attend to my queries. He asked me to follow him to their showroom next to the office.

I started my study with an orientation on what the company do, their services and products. I learned that SAFE Inc. offers a wide range of intercom systems ranging from standard designs to complex video systems. The most interesting part is the fact that the company had a team of qualified professional who develop custom designed systems to meet the needs of different customers. The attendant showed me a wide variety of devices that they offer to enhance security and smooth commutation within properties and I was in love with every device that I came across. To me, most of the devices in their showroom could make a great difference in my mother’s office.

Office IntercomI learned many things about intercom systems, especially when enhancing security and convenient customer services at workplaces. For instance, with intercom systems, you can monitor people entering your door and even speak with them before they enter. With video intercom systems you can even see who is about to come into your office and even grant them admission. I also noticed that SAFE, Inc. offer their clients both pre and post sales services such as guidance when choosing intercom systems, free delivery, installation, repair and servicing, and training on how to use different devices among others. All that you need is to contact them so that they can come and evaluate your premises and advise you on the way forward.

I spend about three hours at SAFE Inc., and the attendant was patient enough to respond to all my questions. I took quick notes during our conversations and by the end of my research, I had no doubt that the company had everything that my mother wanted for her office. I was given several brochures and booklets for more details which I took to my mother. Well, I may not be a professional in matters related to intercom systems but after my experience with SAFE Inc. I felt like an expert when presenting the findings of my research to my mum. My experience with SAFE Inc. was enjoyable, informing and worth the time spent. I have no complaints at all!

Visiting my Aunt in Eau Claire

Visiting My Aunt in Eau Claire

Eau Claire LogoHey everyone! It is always a joy to share my experiences with you. I come from a very close-knit family. Living at home and being raised up to put family first, I have always tried to be the best example to my siblings. But being the pack leader is not always easy, I can tell you. You are forced to be at your best behavior at all times and your parents will always expect you to show your siblings the way. Well, somehow at 25, I can say I have managed to get through the tough hurdles of being the pack leader.

One thing I enjoy though outside of my reading, movies, television and oh so cherished jazz, is travel. Just getting away for a few days is always so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and all and enjoy family dinners every Friday night. But break it up with a little travel here and there and you make me a very happy girl! And this is how my visit to my Aunt in Eau Claire made me. Very happy!

Tradition has a way of keeping us mostly together. Since being close-knit as a family is an important part of Syrian tradition, it thankfully gave me the ticket to go and visit my aunt in Wisconsin. (Talk about a long awaited break!) My Aunt is really awesome at getting to know people. She’s always been keen to know what I enjoy and love. Talk of an awesome aunt! So some of the activities we did included just soaking in the country air on nature walks and hitting the trails for a few hikes. Okay, the hikes not so much. You see my aunt is not exactly as energetic as I am so I had to be kind to her and not push her too far. But she did her best to take me to places that I really enjoyed. Now apart from my love for nature I have a big place in my heart for agriculture.

My Favorite FlowersThere’s just something about the smell of fresh earth between your fingers, the smell of rain as it hits the ground and you know it is giving life to the seeds beneath. I love knowing I can be part of giving life to something, even if not a child, not yet anyway. The beauty that is in agriculture is in seeing life sprout forth and knowing you had a part to play in that. It’s in seeing fruits sprouting forth and knowing you had a part to play in bringing all that delicious goodness forth. It’s in the flowers budding and spreading the fragrance that gives such pleasure, at times I can’t explain the joy I find in it.

My aunt knows this about me. Knowing that, she took me to a wonderful place that just made my heart mellow, the Green Thumb Landscaping’s Garden Center. Getting to this wonderful place I couldn’t quite make up my mind if I was going to just ask to move into the garden center or carry it all away. Yeah, call me a little crazy (okay, maybe a lot crazy) about gardening. I know it’s a little strange for someone my age in this generation but I do have a total love for all things nature.

Green Thumb's Eau Claire Garden CenterOur visit to the center was so educative. It helped me understand how to create an attractive curb appeal with just the right kind of flowers. I learned what it takes to keep my lawn looking all fine and dandy by maintaining it right. What? Let a girl dream. One day (hopefully soon) I will have my own lawn and curb to take care of. I learned which plants I could have that would last the winter and also got to learn about different trees, shrubs, vines. And oh yes! Even got to learn about some interesting herbs and vegetables and how to plant and take care of them! That was a really exciting experience for me. And get this. We even got to buy some eggplant and tomato seeds which we planted indoors! My aunt promised to transplant them outside once the weather was clear.

I actually hope to go back to my aunt’s place soon just to see how the garden center venture took her and how far she’s come.

Fixing My Transmission

Fixing My Transmission, What A Pain!

Aventura Brakes & Auto CenterI was driving from the office after a long day’s work in my Chevy Cruze. I experienced a very bad transmission leak on the highway and had to Google for “a mechanic near me” and the nearest place was Aventura Brakes & Auto Center that is on 20400 W Dixie HWY in Miami. I was panicking at this point due to the leakage on the transmission. I immediately rushed to the auto center and met a group of friendly mechanics .They pulled my car in and removed the transmission and a new seal was in hand in an hour’s time. The mechanics had inspected the transmission and discovered that the torque converter was damaged and needed a replacement.

Aventura Brakes & Auto CenterThe team at Aventura Brakes & Auto Center was very friendly and the mechanic handling my car took me through the process, and it was also a chance for me to learn. I discovered that it’s normal for the transmission to fail. The transmission can just be worn out or have problems like hard internal seals. It came to my knowledge that gear sets that operate the clutches and bands may undergo friction and may become hard and brittle making it hard to contain the hydraulic pressure, which will cause the clutches and bands to develop delayed or make it stop. I would have changed the seal in such a case to fix the problem.

I was impressed by the response to the problem with my car. It was rather late, and the Aventura Brakes and Auto Center manager organized for me to have a taxi take me home since I had to leave the car for further repairs. I left my car, and the manager promised to have it ready the next day. I arrived at the auto center very early to check on the progress and to understand how I would avoid or rather maintain my car to keep it in a better shape.

Automatic TransmissionThe manager and his team were already working on my car by the time I got there, and I was impressed with the dedication. The auto center manager was kind enough to take me through the process, and I learned that the ATF is a special fluid in the automatic transmission that cools and lubricates the parts that are in motion. But the fluid does more than that: Actually, it’s no overstatement to say that the fluid drives the vehicle. Apparently the fluid is incredibly important to the transmission’s operation, hence the need to have the transmission fluid level and condition regularly checked and serviced in a few years.

How can I increase the transmission life?

  1. The mechanic advised that I should always take it easy on the gas, since a lot of acceleration cause a lot of friction and hence heat on the transmission.
  2. He also insisted on reducing the load on the clutches by getting to understand when the transmission takes place in the shifts , for you to back off the gas before any shift.
  3. The mechanic directed that the cooling system need to be in the best shape since the vehicle’s radiator also helps in cooling the transmission and in I can also add a transmission cooler.
  4. Basic check is better when it comes to your vehicle, I decided to keep checking and ensure that my vehicle is often serviced. Taking good care for your car will mean that some potential harm will be avoided, thus it will be much simpler to fix on you own rather than seek for professional assistance.

I was very impressed by the services offered at Aventura Brakes & Auto Center,the manager and his team took their time on my car and I was ready to take my car home by noon. The team consisted of people with a professional attitude ensuring that I got clarification on anything that I had doubts. They were fast at identifying the problem with my car hence making the whole process smooth and speedy. Their prices were affordable considering that it was an emergency, and I had not budgeted. The auto center also offers other services like checking the engine performance, changing the oil, repairing the brakes, and repairing AC. They provide various services on one roof, and I would recommend that you have your car checked.

Faced with My Own Mortality

Faced With My Own Mortality

HospitalizedHi everyone! It feels so good connecting with you once again! Maybe now I have a better reason to celebrate life and being able to do the things I love, including writing this blog post. See, if you had noticed, I had gone a quiet for a while. In that time I realized I’m not an Amazon. You wouldn’t have guessed, huh? I went quiet because I had been taken ill. There goes my belief that I was superhuman. In that time when I was under the weather I was hospitalized for some time. That time in the hospital made me never take life for granted.

You see I have never had quite the epiphany I did as when I was faced with my mortality. It was the realization that the simple things I love should be enjoyed to their maximum when the time is there to do so. Which reminds me; I’m going to make sure I go out dancing now as soon as I can. Time to get social! Being in the hospital reminded me to appreciate my family more. It brought the things that I truly treasure to the fore of my attention. My precious books, and my tasteful music, the television shows that I treasure and the movies that I have been wanting to watch became all the more alive to me. I can tell you I’m going to be doing a whole load of things differently.

Free BirdBut more to it I learned to treasure my freedom. Being cooped up in hospital and not being able to move freely really got to me. I guess you can tell I’m a free bird. I love being able to come and go as I please. Now it feels this free bird just became a jail bird. Well, it kind of felt like I was imprisoned for the time I was there. Isn’t that what prison essentially is? A place where you do not have the freedom of movement or of what to watch, eat, and times you can wake or sleep. Your schedule is arranged for you from A-Z with too little a leeway in between. But something happened in hospital that gave me some hope and strength through the whole ordeal. I got some power over my situation. And I even came out a better and stronger person because of that.

I found this power in Journey. It was strange I can tell you. I didn’t expect anything too positive to come out of my being hospitalized. But something good did come out of all this. The hospital staff approached me when I could engage a little. They told me there was something they could do to make my stay better and more comfortable. I was like, “Bring it on!” Okay. Maybe not with so much enthusiasm at the time. They told me they could send me information to my smart phone or tablet that was specific to what I wanted. I actually thought it was all the meds acting up on me. But no! I’d heard right. Somehow they had a system called Journey that worked to help them send information tailor-made for every patient who was in that system.

Journey Patient EducationI actually took time to absorb that. But they told me to try it out and if I enjoyed it they could keep sending me information. And get this, even to my email! It was simple. I had a choice of getting the information whenever I needed it in whatever form. This program is a patient education tool from MDM Commercial I was later to learn. It was wonderful in the way it worked. It was an on demand tool I could access whenever I felt I needed information specific to the condition I was going through. It helped me in many ways understand every stage of recovery I was going through. Not only did it do this, but it also taught me how to take better care of myself. You see, this program could actually be set to deliver information specific to the patient it was targeting. How cool is that!

Pillow SpeakerSo I got to learn a lot about how I was feeling and how best to cope with it. And get this. Remember how I love to watch television and movies? Now this information was packaged in videos! Seriously. This was just too cool! It made me realize you could even use it to educate your parents when it was hard explaining to them what you are going through. But this system gave me more. It gave me time to listen to relaxing and motivating content which I could get changed by talking to the staff over the pillow speaker. That is not the end of the good news though. Being released from hospital didn’t get me to stop enjoying this content. I actually took it home with me! It’s delivered on my phone, remember? Yeah! So I have been guzzling this unlimited supply of information since then and since it is so cheap, it is affordable. Somehow I realized every cloud has a silver lining. I found my silver lining in Journey.

Pool & Hot Tub Issues

Pool & Hot Tub Issues

Aventura FloridaNot so long ago we moved into a fabulous new home in Aventura, South Florida. Although I’m 25, I still live with my close-knit family – and enjoy it too but that’s a story for another post. Anyway, the home came with a swimming pool and hot, tub. Just before I go further, here’s something we learned upon moving into this new home and thought to let you in on it. Home inspectors will not inspect your swimming pool and/or hot tub! If you are house-hunting for a property that already has a swimming pool and/or hot tub, make certain you know if there are any problems before you settle on closing the deal. Just so you know.

Flow Error

Pool RepairAfter a few months of getting comfortable in our beautiful place of abode, we began noticing that the tub was not heating, and the temperature was way below the desired range. Furthermore, we could hear a whining sound when it was running. We embarked on a search for a good pool repair service that’s when Lady Luck smiled on us and presented Eco Water Solutions. They gave us free estimates for every service job we inquired about and were flexible enough to accommodate our budget.

Initially, we had no idea that we were getting a low flow error. This was conveyed to us after they examined the tub carefully. It turned out that our low flow error was being caused by both dirty filters and bad flow sensors. Along with that, we had a bad motor issue going on.

Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub RepairFortunately, this was a full-service repair company, and so the work began. The experienced technicians not only knew what the problem was but were knowledgeable in fixing it. Out came the muck and grime that clogged the filters. In a little while the clamor we had earlier heard from the motor had become quieter, down to almost like the gentle purr of a sleeping cat. In next to no time the hot tub was running like new!

Pool Problem

Did I mention about the same time, we were getting a little frustrated with our pool? Well, we had several problems: Stain agitation, clogged filters (here too!) and foaming. Given that it was our first time to own a pool, we were oblivious of what brought about these problems. All we knew was a strange brown stain had formed on the pool’s walls and floor; unsightly debris was collecting in the pool and it was foaming (we decided is was frothing).

Pool Repair

The good technicians explained the stain agitation could be either organic or the effect of elevated mineral levels and proceeded to work on the pH. Gladly, the filter was working – it was preventing waste from traveling down to who knows where. Cleaning out it seemed effortless to them. The frothing frustration was caused by the cheap algaecide that we had been using. (Hey, in this economy, someone was trying to be frugal here). Pool Repair ServiceWord of counsel: Purchase algaecide only from a pool dealer of good reputation who can vouch for it. Anyway, they promptly solved the problem with some anti-foam agent.

With the affordable and competitive rates they offered, my family all agreed that there was no good reason for not taking advantage of their lighting service. Accordingly, we had new lights installed in our pool. Due to this new lighting upgrade, that gives such unbelievable results, we’re no longer embarrassed to have company over. If truth be told, as a consequence of all the repairs which make the pool and hot tub look like new, our residence has lately become the “official” hang-out spot for our friends and relatives.


The technicians who came out to handle the repairs were very professional and fast too. Aside from doing a splendid job of fixing what needed to be fixed, they offered excellent tips on routine maintenance of both the pool and hot tub. Neighbors tell us that we’re fortunate that we didn’t have to go from one pool repair company to the next to get to those who know what they are doing. Thank you, Eco Water Solutions for repairing our pool and hot tub. We are so happy with the outcome.

Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone, I’m Arielle

I’m Ari and welcome to! I’ve wanted to start a blog/website for an extremely long time, but I just never got around to it. I figured today was the day and I should just start or I never would. I guess the best way for me to start would be to explain a little history on myself, as well as the things I like, dislike, and what I want out of life. I’m 25, and I live in the beautiful city of Aventura in South Florida. Both of my parents were born in Syria, but they emigrated to the United States in 1986. It was a difficult and strenuous journey making it to America from the middle east, but they got here safely. I have three younger siblings – two male and one female. The youngest of the litter, Max, is beyond adorable. Before Max, came Rebecca, my favorite sibling. (But shhh… don’t tell anyone!) And the second oldest of the family is Mohammad.

We’re a pretty close-knit family, always having a family dinner on Friday nights. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I still live at home. It’s a rather standard practice in Middle Eastern society, as once I am to be wedded, I will move in with my husband, but who knows when that will be? Back to me as a person, though, I’m extremely fond of movies, television, reading, and music. Honestly, my favorite genre of music would have to be Jazz, which is probably rather weird for someone in my generation, but there’s just something about it that makes sense to me. The way the notes flow together and have no rhyme or reason appeals to some central aspect of my being.

I love to read – whether it’s Jane Austen, Mark Twain, or  J.K. Rowling, I just can’t get enough. I feel like proper literature is what fuels the human race. It allows us to realize where we’ve been, where we’re going, and who we are. If you don’t know your past, how can you know your future right? Literature allows us to escape from our reality, escape from the mundane, to forget about the issues at hand. It can instantly change the way we think and the way we act. I know from personal experience that education is the key to becoming a better person, whether it’s your goal to improve your physical, mental, or social state.

In terms of entertainment, as I previously stated, I’m a huge fan of a cornucopia of television shows and movies, but I also enjoy live theatre, as well as live concerts and dance recitals. I love to dance, but you’ll never catch me dancing in public, I guess that’s one area I need to work on in my life, is becoming more social. Part of the reason I started this site, was so that I could share my experiences with the world – whether it’s my day-to-day life, a quote, or my experience with a particular person I came in contact with. Because that’s what I enjoy most about life, sharing my story, whether it’s with a stranger on the bus or a stranger on the internet. I appreciate you checking out my blog and I hope that you come back, as I know you will enjoy what I have to say.